How to Speed Up Your Internet Connection

A slow wireless internet connection is incredibly frustrating. Whether you’re just browsing Facebook, watching a movie or sending an important work email from the office, you rely on a steady bandwidth connection. If you feel your connection could be faster, Acanac wants to help. Follow our tips below to improve a slow internet connection.

Use a Different Modem or Router

Motorola Modem & Linksys Router: Courtesy of Wikipedia

One of the most common causes of a slow wireless connection is a less than ideal modem or router. Many households and offices are unaware that their modem or wireless router may be unequipped to handle the type of plan they have. This can cause your modem or router to suffer disruptions — causing a slow connection. When selecting an internet plan, ask your provider if your current router/modem is compatible.

Turn Off Any Apps or Plugins that Waste Bandwidth

If a faulty modem or router is not the culprit, then it’s time to check for other reasons. See if any plugins or apps are open and hogging your bandwidth. Downloading files using BitTorrent for example, will slow down your internet connection. Close these programs and your internet speed should return to its normal performance.

Scan for Viruses

Another common culprit when it comes to slow internet speed are viruses. Viruses can be harmful to your computer and can significantly slow down your connection. Use a safe and reliable program to scan for viruses.

Optimize Your Browser

If troubleshooting is taking too long or you are in a situation where you need internet access immediately, it’s best to make some changes to your browser that will help it deal with a slow internet connection. This includes using mobile or HTML versions of the websites you’re viewing and disabling images. Setting up a secondary backup browser with these settings already in place is also a good idea if you are often in this situation.

Clear External Interference

Electronic devices near your modem can interfere with your connection. Moving these devices away from your modem can clear any electromagnetic interference. Set up your modem in an open space with as little clutter as possible is your best bet to limit external interference and speed up your wireless internet connection.

Use a Direct Connection

Wi-Fi is usually our first choice since it allows us to move around freely with our devices, rather than being confined to a desk. However, a wireless internet connection is usually slower than wired, so to plug your device into your modem directly should you experience a slow connection.

Turn it Off and On Again

The simplest solution is often the correct one. Just like turning your computer off and on again can clear up any technical difficulties, doing the same with your internet modem can reboot your connection. This is called “power cycling” and can resolve a number of issues. If you want to go one step further, you can even reconfigure your modem with a new password which will refresh your settings and connection.

Regularly Update Firmware and Software

Another solution that is often overlooked is updating your modem or router’s software regularly. Your internet provider can give you instructions for logging into your modem and updating its software.

These are just some the ways you can quickly and easily increase the speed of your internet connection, should you be experiencing slowdown. So the next time that funny video your friend sent you won’t stop buffering, try one or more of these solutions.

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