A Reply To Yang’s Open Letter
Mathios Meridius

Mathios Meridius, I also have played the series from the beginning and I must say, you are slinging mud to try and sound like the bigger person, let me tell you why. I can say, with mathematical certainty that you never completed a pokedex without some kind of help, whether thats your friends, a magazine, a phone help line, the internet, whatever form it came in I guarantee you did it at least ONCE. Cause we all did back in the day. Hell, even the games themselves sometimes told you where to find stuff if you talked to all the NPC’s. If you didn’t then you would have had to wander through every patch of grass blindly for hours until determining that one of the missing few on your list of pokedex entries wasn’t in that particular patch of grass. Now let me point out a discrepency with your expectations of this game Pokemon Go and its relation to the old games. I am assuming you watched the trailers they put out as hype yes? If so then you watched them lay out a game that pointed you directly to the pokemon you were trying to catch with distance and arrows. Watch the trailer again, its in there, that was part of the plan. Now why might they have done that you ask? Why not make it like the actual pokemon games? Because they make the spawns extremely random they can’t be like the old games. If they were, every state/providence/whatever would have to have “patches of grass” where you are guaranteed to catch specific pokemon if you walked back and forth long enough to fit that model, and then people would just find out what areas they were in from word of mouth (internet version tho) and go there and get the pokemon they want. But that means people would have to travel TONS to get just the 151 because otherwise all 151 would have to be programmed into specific areas in each town and that would be an insane amount of back end for them. Now imagine they only did a few pokemon types per city (or between citys), like in the real games, what young kid would ever be able to catch them all? That would be a huge killing point for this game to anyone without a means of travel. Now imagine they made specific spawn points for each pokemon all around a city, much better right? Do you live in a city with gang violence or high crime rates? I can’t say for sure but again, even if you don’t, any children or even teenagers probably wouldn’t be allowed to go to all the areas and again…. can’t essentially “beat the game”. Now, I will agree with you that pokevision went to far in giving players an advantage to see anywhere they wanted. I honestly enjoyed making the tracking function in the game work when it was working with the 3 paw prints moving to 2 and then 1, when it functioned… which was maybe 30% of the time. But after the game broke, and there is no tracking, I can do nothing to try and track down the ones not on my pokedex that might spawn somewhere near my area. I live in a small town, so you know what that means? We see rattata, pidgey, spearow, and paras 90% of the time if you aren’t on main street, the only “hot spot” in my city. So yeah, my choices were walking mindlessly up and down main street to see if anything different popped up, or try and track down stuff at random when I was out and about if it popped up in my tracker pool of 9 pokemon. Now i can’t even do that, so please continue to justify to me that we shouldn’t be using anything else to help us complete the quest of catching them all. Oh, and your example of Ash, he had help, pokemon were in logical places in the game/anime. He knew ahead of time where to go to catch them, and the pokedex told him as well. We don’t have that luxury.


A real person

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