Games That Desperately Need To Be Movies/TV shows

I thought to myself I should make this list. I don’t know why, but it makes me feel better. I’m a sucker for hope and I really want to see these franchises turned into stuff to watch on Netfilx.

Also Kudos to the guys working on the Witcher Series on Netflix, I hope you guys do a good job, because the Witcher Trilogy is probably one of the best game series’ that has ever existed.

So yeah.

Elders Scrolls — Like literally anything on these games would be awesome (Hinting at Dovakiin’s story). These games have so much happening in them, capturing even one element of it would be AMAZEBALLS. My Personal favorites are Oblivion and Skyrim (Like you didn’t know that was coming). I was actually introduced to the RPG genre much later, by then titles like Fallout 3 had already come out. Yes yes, I know I’m late, everyone’s going to be talking about stuff like Diablo, Dungeon Siege, Fable, Final Fantasy Series and like every other JRPG ever, but I haven’t played any of them to be honest. I’ve just played like a lot of new stuff. Skyrim is still one of my most favorite games. Yes yes, ‘Noob’ is what you’re thinking, how about this, I just didn’t like the other games *Hides under a table*.

Wouldn’t you love to see a movie about Dovakiin? And I said movie, because a TV show would just be too monotonous, it’d be like Conan the Barbarian on marijuana. Imagine a John Wick in the medieval times, that would be so cool *Wide Eyed Drooling*, but that could also be a bad idea. I don’t know, let the writers of that one decide. I just hope when and if they do, please do something about the Dragonborn’s journey, also please keep all the OST’s (for those who don’t know what that stands for, its original soundtrack -_-) from the game or is that too much to ask. Too much? Okay whatever. Moving on.

FarCry- OOOOHH MAN. Vaaz and Pagan min are like the coolest bad guys this generation has ever seen in gaming. PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THAT. Super psychotic vaaz is like the ideal bad guy for the proclaimed ‘Rook Islands’ where the game is set. His ‘Do you know the definition of insanity’ line is phenomenal. If you haven’t checked it out:

On the other hand Pagan Min, is another psychotic mofo. Super slick, stylish and sophisticated, but he’ll totally kill you if you don’t follow orders correctly. That guy is one badass. Just check out his entry scene. Such a cool guy.

Enough said, I hope there’s something soon about this. FARCRY REALLY NEEDS A MOVIE!

Metro 2033 and Last Light — I just started playing last light for the 4th time and every time I play it, I enjoy it as much as my first (‘Time’, not anything else your perverted mind would think about. Sorry I felt like a 4 year old trapped inside an adult body). When you’re in a dark room with just the back-light of your screen on, playing any of the Metro games, you are bound to shit your pants. Not as much as P.T (The new silent hill game that got called off) or any of the 5 nights at Freddie’s (Saying those names give the chills), but yeah you will shit your pants in some parts. The eeriness of the setting is very unsettling. Its just like you constantly want to get out of there, damn weird, but a very very captivating game. The concept is fantastic, based on a post apocalyptic science fiction novel by Russian author Dmitry Glukhovsky, it tells the tale of the surviving generations of the people of Moscow, Russia in the tunnels of their metro after a Nuclear War breaks out and the surface has nothing else but ruin, mutated creatures and radioactivity. You get the hint. Damn cool game, it’s a must play and also a ‘must be made into a movie or tv show’ kind of game. The story is fantastic as you play Artyom, (Which is Artemis in Russian) the only human who has the ability to look past the mind games of the ‘Dark Ones' and blah blah sorry I spoiled it a little for you. So a whole bunch of gamers out there, post apocalyptic science fiction book readers and yours truly (Yuck! I can’t believe I just said that) would love to see a rendition of this on any screen. Something totally like this :

Also the Soundtrack — WOW!

Fallout 3- Another post apocalyptic science fictiony (Tired of typing that) kind of story is the action RPG fallout 3. Again bethesda has really created a gem here. The predecessors of this franchise had developed a strict love for role playing turned based strategy combat gameplay, but that gave way to something extraordinary in the later Fallout’s. Action RPG’s were the way to go, and oh did they write an exceptional story. You know what, I’m not going to tell you anything about this game. Just go, buy it and play it. It’ll change your life. No seriously. Fallout 4 came out last year and created some of the biggest hype on the internet, but we have to feature the roots first before we can dive into anything else. So yeah, Fallout 3 as a movie is a must, we’d love to see the vaults, the super mutants and the brotherhood of steel to name just a few of the countless characters and things you can do in the game.

Uncharted — The Uncharted series is soooooo goooood. Nathan Drake is one of those, super cool guys you wanted to grow up into, but then you totally started playing video games and now are an obese adult, with no job, living in your parents basement (Did I come too close to describing myself?…. Haha I almost got you there…. Shit, everyone knows now). Anyway, Nathan Drake’s adventures are like every gamers Indiana Jones, without the hat and the excessive boulders rolling towards him, its a lot of fun. I’ve just played Uncharted 3 — Drake’s Deception, but I’ve read up on the stories of the rest and they are brilliant. Nathan Drake is the kind of guy you want to listen to when he’s telling you about how he totally punched the bad guy pirate’s face and then jumped off an exploding ship, while merrily rescuing a lovely damsel in distress (Do people still use that term?) and then going home with a hell’a lot of loot. Well yeah, action adventure, and its not only about that, the story is so captivating, you get immersed in it almost instantly, like you want more and I think that’s exactly what a story is meant to be like. So, Uncharted is a must and we’d love to see something close to the original story, because that story line is great.

Maybe Mass Effect (Not really, because too many sex scenes​?)- Mass effect 2 is one of the best games I have ever played, sci-fi is a genre I love and everything about space and space exploration I love even more, so when it came to Mass Effect, I couldn’t think otherwise. Well then I started actually thinking. Commander Shepard SLEEPS WITH EVERYONE, like she/he (depending on what gender you chose in the start of the game) can literally have sex with everyone. Like my character in mass effect 2 had sex with everyone he could, I mean more than doing missions​ there were integrated statements in the player’s dialog that you could choose if you wanted to have sex with the NPC (Non Playable Character). Wow Bio-Ware, just like your other games (Hinting at Dragonage), everything your game has to do with is ‘Bio-Ware’, get it?… because like its like biologically??… you know what I mean… forget it. Anyway, I’d still love to see a movie about this series, since the story is epic (Except for how ME3 ended) and the characters are really fun, so yeah, lets see what the future holds for this one.

The Last Of Us — Need I say more? This game has one of the most emotionally compelling story lines that has existed in games. You can literally feel the characters and their everyday struggles. The Last Of Us is another zombie break out kind of game (To put it in layman’s terms, also because I’m too lazy to do the extra effort on research) with one of the best told stories in gaming history. Two main characters Joel and Ellie, tell us a tale of everything that survived the plague and much more, I’m not going to spoil this one for you. You have go check it out yourself, it is one of the best stories in gaming ever. This game is too epic to mess up, especially with the story and the visual effects. Please please, don’t screw this one up, whoever is willing to make a movie on this.

Okay, I think I’m done.

Here are some honorable mentions-

  • HalfLife (Yes please. You can’t mess this one up either.)
  • Red Dead Redemption (Haven’t seen this genre in a long time.)
  • BioShock (This will be very interesting)

I’m sure you have so so so many other games that you’d want to see on the big/small screen. Do drop a comment. Lets talk about this. Also lets spam email every single Hollywood production house, with story concepts on how these games will work as movies. No? Too much? Pushing it a little? Okay, I’ll stop.