1 quote, 1 reflection, 1 question to jumpstart your week.

1 Quote. 1 Reflection. 1 Question.

1 Quote

Water, air, and cleanness are the chief articles in my pharmacy. — Napoleon Bonaparte

(source: goodreads.com)

1 Reflection

One of the key pillars of CompoundingSense is personal health so I thought I’d share a health quote with you this week.

In this quote, Napoleon talks about the simplicity of health and how we can become healthier through natural everyday actions. However, today it seems our society has lost touch with these everyday actions.

It seems every major newspaper, website, and influencer has a new product or service that can improve our health. We have been bombarded with new, flashy, and tempting promotion codes to purchase these products and services, and it feels like we can’t live without them.

But do we need them? and if so when?

There are so many publications out there that contradict each other. I bet you right now you can search and find science journals that will conclude that Keto is great for you and bad for you. This makes it difficult to separate fact from fiction, and on top of that, most of us work for a living and don’t have the time to do the research. Hence, to answer the question above, I go to Nature.

Before buying a health product or changing your behavior, I suggest asking
yourself a few questions about your daily routine:

Am I getting 7–8 hours of sleep?

Am I eating unprocessed foods?

Am I meditating?

Am I exercising?

Am I getting sunlight exposure?

Am I staying hydrated?

I have tried to answer yes to all these questions for the past couple of months. I have failed and succeeded, but the point is: I keep trying, and I see myself getting better and better.

It’s tempting to try that new diet or buy that 30-day fitness program, but these things don’t work if we can’t answer yes to the questions above.

1 Question From the 7 questions above, which one can you start saying yes you

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