My Accountability Goals

In the interest of transparency and authenticity, I will share the top 3 things I’m focusing on right now to seek discomfort but personally grow;

  1. I’m not allowed to eat, until I work out for 20 mins — This may sound crazy but a routine I want to implement is working out 5 days a week, not 5 like I currently do, I like food, but if I want food I must work out.
  2. Reduce my phone screen time below 6 hours a day, or pay £5 a day to a cause I dislike — I’m a big proponent of everyone spending less time on their phones, as well as the energy sapping, meaningless tasks that they can draw us into. I also hate throwing money down the drain unnecessarily, no matter how small, so I either pay up, or put the phone down.
  3. Wake up earlier and more consistently, or I can’t have dessert — anybody who knows me knows I have a sweet tooth, which I never want to deprive myself. I am also a night owl but contrastingly want to get a head start on the day so I have to wake up 5 days in a week at 7:30am to earn dessert. I’m two weeks into this and earn dessert every week so far.

What changes in your life are you looking to implement that are simple to do, but difficult for you to accomplish?

For anyone looking for an accountability partner, I’m happy to have a chat :)