My Accountability Goals

  1. I’m not allowed to eat, until I work out for 20 mins — This may sound crazy but a routine I want to implement is working out 5 days a week, not 5 like I currently do, I like food, but if I want food I must work out.
  2. Reduce my phone screen time below 6 hours a day, or pay £5 a day to a cause I dislike — I’m a big proponent of everyone spending less time on their phones, as well as the energy sapping, meaningless tasks that they can draw us into. I also hate throwing money down the drain unnecessarily, no matter how small, so I either pay up, or put the phone down.
  3. Wake up earlier and more consistently, or I can’t have dessert — anybody who knows me knows I have a sweet tooth, which I never want to deprive myself. I am also a night owl but contrastingly want to get a head start on the day so I have to wake up 5 days in a week at 7:30am to earn dessert. I’m two weeks into this and earn dessert every week so far.

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Nathan Pearson Smith

Nathan Pearson Smith

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