The Only Black on the Equity Cap Table

Nathan Pearson Smith
2 min readNov 4, 2020

This post is late, but an important one. My investment career is a recent one, but one which has presented me with a multitude of opportunities that are not open to everyone.

On one side, for me personally, it’s a major accomplishment being the 1st ethnic minority person on a companies cap table, but I certainly take no pride in being the only. In 300 words or less, I will attempt to explain why providing access to early-stage deal flow is an important part of my work and mission.

My Modus Operandi is to open up access to the same deal-flow I have worked hard to access, to other individuals and give them the opportunity to capitalise on quality wealth creation opportunities.

I don’t have the numbers on the amount of % of ethnic minorities that participate in seed or private rounds of blockchain projects, but I would imagine the number is so small it’s not worth the mental math effort. I’m either 1 of 1 or 1 of 2. I want that number to change, and the buck stops with me.

Obtaining financial freedom is less of an achievement when you achieve said freedom on your own, but your peers are still stuck in the rat race.

It is imperative to me that more people from diverse and disadvantaged communities are given an equal footing to compete. I myself fit into this demographic and only through tapping into my natural talent at an early age was I able to pull myself out of an unpleasant life trajectory that was set in stone for me.

This post is about financial inclusion. It’s about democratising access to wealth, creating opportunities for #blackwealth and showing future generations that their opportunities in life should not be limited by what is in front of them, but should be inspired by what they can go beyond.