A Bathroom Tale

I’m writing this story from the pot. An appropriate vantage point from which to tell this bathroom tale about nothing turning into a lot.

There once was a bathroom that 8 adult children shared. 4 boys and 4 girls lived there.

However the bathroom was empty. There was nothing in the shower, nothing in the drawers, nothing around the sink.

Hmmmm thought Timmy (the protagonist in most of my stories so I don’t have to think). Why don’t people have their soap, shampoo, and toothbrushes too? It would be easier. Right now it’s like a really clean zoo.

After 72 hours of intense interviews with the other livers of the house he discovered abruptly..Wow. It was for fear. Fear was the reason no one’s stuff lived here.

For if their stuff was out everyone might use it and then they’d pout.

But can’t we show some respect, trust, and love? Even if someone uses your soap won’t there be enough?

And I doubt anyone would use your toothbrush. Despite how pretty it is.

So now there are 8 bottles of shampoo, 8 bars of soap, and 16 toothbrushes for all their significant others.

It truly is. A beautiful. Mess.

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