We never “arrive” to be our “perfect” selves. Sometimes I have an idea of what the “perfect” advice is for a particular subject but I end up forgetting it for a while or it doesn’t apply to every situation. Life is in motion with constant change. I’d have to say there isn’t “perfect” advice in the sense that it can always be applied. We as humans have to make the choice to love over and over if that’s what we want to do. Often if you forgive someone you have continue forgiving them if the bitterness creeps into your mind. It’s the same I think with all emotional pain. If it comes back to haunt you, you have to remember the truth that there is hope outside of it. That it may feel like your world right now, but that it will pass. It doesn’t mean you get to bypass the experience of it, but that it becomes a bit more bite-sized.

In terms of unrequited love, which is a tough one, I’ve struggled between giving someone up completely in order to forget them and moving on and keeping them as a friend. There is no way to completely win in that situation. I’ve clung more closely as of late to keeping people as friends and trying to cope with my own feelings…trying to let the feelings die down to a simmer. However, unexpected bursts can occur. It’s not a refined process.

I was thinking in the shower and my thoughts seemed more organized and solid in my head. I suppose that’s what happens sometimes when you try to write them down. Like a fish flopping in your hands trying to get back into the river.

All that to say. Nothing is perfect, and we need to give an effort to loving over and over and over. What that love looks like though is something you need to discover for yourself. And even the best advice can fall on deaf ears. We often need to live things for ourselves to finally know what it’s like.