Would you design a website for a cat?

Let’s face it. Cats get a lot of attention. But do they get much online attention? The answer is still yes. But it’s usually cute pictures of cats or cats doing silly things in YouTube videos. What if cats were able to say what they want to say and not just us talking about them or sharing pictures with them in them or us exploiting them on YouTube? I have a friend who will make a website for your cat. The only thing is your cat needs to choose the content. Not you. You may wonder how is this possible? We’ve designed special cat helmet technology that can hear your cat’s thoughts. The helmets have a cute, chic design that you’ll just want to eat up because it’s so dang cute and fashionable.

Cat websites will be hosted at one dollar a month and cat helmets will be sold for $9284. Visit milesalbritton.com for more details.

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