Butthurt Libtard: A Poem

You call me “Butthurt Libtard” when you post your racist meme

Yes, I am a “Butthurt Libtard” and let me tell you what I mean

My butt hurts for the indigenous warrior

While he cries a single, perfect tear

My butt hurts for the forgotten soldier

Pouring shots of gin in his cheap beer

My butt hurts for the suffering, my butt hurts for the dying

My butt hurts for the desperate and the crying

My butt hurts for peace, and hurts for social progress

My butt hurts for a world where we love more and hate less

My butt hurts for you, my butt hurts for me

And my butt hurts for the social ills you know but CHOOSE not to see

Nathan Rabin is a columnist, dad and the author of five books, most recently 7 Days In Ohio: Trump, The Gathering of the Juggalos and the Summer Everything Went Insane, which was just released in an expanded version. He is a very silly man.