As mentioned in its intro article, this publication is meant to discuss humanity’s goals, threats, and tools to creating a fantastic future.

The last several articles have been dedicated to the first of those three topics: what humanity’s goals should be. As a recap, we covered the two overarching goals of survival and happiness followed by more specific articles on what humans need for happiness. These include prosperity, health, sustainability, freedom, equality, and exploration/progression.

In total, I wrote over 12,000 words on the topic. But why?

It is because we seldom — if ever — step back as a species…

On our journey of discussing what brings humans happiness, I would be remiss not to mention exploration and progression.

I don’t know about you, but there is a burning piece inside of me as a sentient being to expand my consciousness and knowledge to the maximum. To me, there are few greater goals, and I believe that it is within this never-ending goal that we will find even greater meaning and purpose in our existence.

In this article, I want to expand the meaning of exploration and progression and scrutinize whether it is something we should value as a species.


The future cannot be truly fantastic unless equality prevails; yet, our world is full of inequality today.

Inequality takes many forms, the most predominant of which include racism, sexism, and heterosexism/homophobia. Society as a whole suffers as people are repressed, discriminated against, and arbitrarily not given the same opportunities as others.

This is a large topic that I am unqualified to fully address. That being said, I want to home in on what the essence of equality is and why we should strive for it as a society.

But first, let me put in a quick caveat…

A Quick Caveat

Let me start…

When pondering what humanity’s goals should be in my original article, I felt something was missing. At first, I had only been able to think of prosperity, health, sustainability, equality, and exploration as being core goals of human happiness. With further reflection though, I saw that we could not reach the full potential of these goals without a global increase in freedom.

In this article, I am going to address what freedom is, how it is misperceived/misunderstood, and why we should value it in the first place. …

“Apathy is the silent killer.” — Frank Sonnenberg

Sustainability should be a major objective of humanity, not only because of human happiness but simply on the principle of survival.

The hard part about sustainability is that each individual’s actions make little difference on the individual who made them, but collectively these actions become a big issue. For example, me driving a gas guzzling car makes little marginal difference on the quality of air I breathe, but in aggregate across billions of others who are making similar decisions, it ends up affecting me, and everyone, in a big way. …

We cannot reach our highest potential without good health, both in the body and mind. This is true at a societal and individual level, for when people are not in good physical or mental shape, happiness, productivity, and innovation suffer.

The discouraging yet exciting piece of this is that our knowledge of how our bodies, and especially our minds, actually work is still extremely nascent. Discouraging since so many people suffer every day due to misunderstood diseases. Exciting since there is so much left to be discovered and a much more interesting understanding of ourselves is yet to come.


Do you want to hear a story? Good, because the story I am about to tell you is one of the most consequential in all human development, and you’ll be able to read it in under 5 min.

Before that, let me give you a bit more background. In my article on humanity’s goals, I highlighted happiness as being one of our key objectives. I had also mentioned that prosperity was one of the first steps on that pursuit of happiness. …

In continuation of our discussion on humanity’s goals, we will spend a lot of time on the subject of happiness. Why? Because much of what humanity pursues, and should continue to pursue, boils down to seeking happiness.

However, I think it is important to first extract what the essence of happiness is, how we can obtain it, and why/if it is a worthy goal. That is the focus of this article.

The Nature of Happiness

Look, I am clearly not as wise as the Dalai Lama, but let me start by giving you my two cents on what I believe, and do not believe…

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“The human story is just beginning in earnest or is about to come to its premature death.”

Survival should be one of humanity’s top goals. This seems pretty obvious, so why do I bother saying this? To put it bluntly, because many people don’t act like it or at least don’t realize that their actions, and our collective actions, speak differently. I also say this because there are reasons for our survival that aren’t abundantly obvious. Our collective Why.

In this article, I will describe how and why our actions speak against this goal. …

“When our goals align with our shared values, we are endowed with power and collective purpose.”

As stated in the Reality Reduced intro page, this publication’s purpose is to address humanity's goals, threats, and tools to creating a fantastic future. As such, it is only appropriate to first address what a fantastic future might look like and what humanity’s overarching goals should be.

It is clear that everyone has different views of what this would entail. However, regardless of race or religion, the same set of core values pop up over and over again within the human family. We also…

Nathan Ricks

As a venture investor and undying nerd, I love exploring topics and sharing ideas that have a profound impact on the world.

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