See Updated Post: “Reactions and Response to My Bike Column”
Joel Engardio

I know you are trying to triangulate to win votes on the west side, but there is just too much stupid in here to ignore.

There is no such thing as a temporary parking structure — you can’t build a structure capable of holding the weight of hundreds of cars in an earthquake zone using plywood. Erecting structures made of concrete and steel that won’t have a life of at least 50 years is completely irresponsible from an environmental perspective. And you can’t just convert a parking structure into housing — parking structures have no plumbing, the floors are often sloped and more compact than a residential structure, etc. It’s cheaper to just knock down the structure and start over.

Every bike registration program ever conceived has cost more to administer than it generated, and such programs have been used by police to harass the poor who can’t afford the fees. A two minute google search would have told you that. You want to win the votes of car driving suburbanites, fine, just own it and dive right into the usual anti-bike hysterics. Don’t act like you are trying to do the cycling community any favors with this bullshit.

“We must accommodate the people who need to drive and park.” Why must we? Because people on the west side like cars and you want their votes? A car centric transport model makes no sense in most of the city — just let it die a natural death already.