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When I started talking about the WordPress suite I’m working on, I assumed it would be a separate business from Wildfire Studios. One of my expectations was that I would sell the themes and plug-ins as a product, and not a service.

It’s obvious in hindsight that I got this wrong. I’ve sold several these packages now, and have learned from the sales that my customers all believe they’re clients. There’s a key difference in expectations here, and I think they’re right to call themselves that.

So I’m willing to admit that I’m wrong. Going forward, I’m going to be pitching them as a part of my services. I’ll be adding the themes as part of my portfolio on my website as soon as time allows in between client work.

Before I put them on the website, though, I need to reveal their name. (I finally have one!)

The WordPress themes are going to be called the “Standard Editions”, or “SE Themes”.

So why SE? Well, for a couple reasons.

The first reason is that these themes have all the standards I’d sell to a client. The feature set is more or less the same. All of these themes include the same core technology I’d sell to my clients, and have the basic features I’d expect to include in any project. It’s the secret sauce that makes my WordPress sites feel a little more useful than the average setup — without making WordPress harder to use.

The second reason is that the designs are standardized. They’re my thoughts on what good and simple websites for small businesses should look like.

The third reason is simple: it sounds cool. SE often means Special Edition, but I’ve also seen it mean Student Edition. Sometimes it can indicate a premium, but other times it will indicate affordability. SE is ambiguous, and fits this suite well.

The themes are a premium WordPress suite, with premium customer service. It’s a great experience for any small business with simple needs. But it’s also an affordable foot in the door for people who care about great, opinionated design. It’s my way to make my services available to a much wider audience.

Every customer that buys the SE Themes gets all of them at one affordable price: $1,000 (in Canadian dollars), plus applicable tax. That $1,000 includes the setup and installation, as well as all the training they need so they can actually use their site.

If they want to, they could install their site on any host like they like. But for an additional $200 a month, they get site hosting, unlimited customer service (phone and email) for their website, as well as site security and free upgrades to all the themes and plugins as further development continues.

For small businesses, this is often a cheaper monthly package than their cell phone plan (at least in Canada). And they get so much more for their money.

My portfolio is made with one of the SE Themes, as are the sites for Crossroads Prison Ministries Canada, The Bounce Factor, The Passionate Painters, and Dr. Marc DiNardo.

If you know anybody that’s looking for something similar — even if they want to simply purchase the themes and walk away — let me know and I’d love to speak with them.

Originally published at on June 28, 2017.

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