Kaleidotheos CEO Challenge

If you have any interest in anything whatsoever you will certainly have been following the recent thEOSTIME hack. The latest post by thEOS CEO recounts a Zorroan rebuttal of the thEOSTIME smartest time contract drain in which a simple amendment to the initTHEOSTIME function halted the timedrain.

We were surprised to see that such centralised function calls were possible in thEOS. The sheer weight of thEOS’s dominant CEO provision has indeed halted the drain by disrupting Kaleidotheos Klein Surface. The surface itself has become ridiculously unstable which subsequently means the drain connection can no longer operate.

Thermal snapshots of unstable Klien surface

It’s not all bad news. Something was missing from the thEOS amended init function.

// Initial Init of Klein Surface
if (U12CIT? == UPDATEBYCEO = true && dimensions <= 4) {
var bottle = universe.getSpacetimeByID('Klein Bottle');
var bridge = bottle.getContext(‘5d’);
bridge.UCIT = true;
return bridge to CEO;

Although the asset carrying the function to the Kaleidotheos smartest contract specifies THEOS CEO as the CEO, the function itself it not so specific. To which CEO should thEOSTIME return?

There is, of course, only one suitable option for us at Kaleidoscope. We have booted up our own CEO, Osram Sonntag MBA, and will be inserting him into the Klein surface using exactly the same altered function that thEOS used, thus forcing equal weighting. There, on that unstable 5d surface, we propose a CEO off. A CEO battle. CEO vs CEO.

As with all such business manoeuvres only public approval levels can decide the outcome.

More about the battle will come out in due course.

Kaleido Proelium Dominus