The year is 2240.

You awaken in your house in the Genesis City. It’s so much smoother now that it has been ported to the Doge Smartchain. Current high bid on your property - 0.000420 Doge, way lower that what it’s worth. You smile and click ‘sell’.

You choose your avatar for the day. Yes, Crypto Punk #241 again. It’s what most people know you as. And today is a day that you need to be recognised.

No need to do anything with that hair. 132 pixels of pure blonde glam. Wink.

Maybe tomorrow its new owner will open the…

In Part 1 we learned all about some of the fascinating precursors to what would eventually become the crypto art market we see today. Various art experiments, sensible or not, were happening very early on in crypto and the markets and crypto-collectables were already gaining traction with game asset platforms. But it would take a couple of big guns to really bring it to the attention of the masses.

First up …


“Hey guys I made some rare pepe cards and have associated assets with them. Maybe they will be worth millions one day. I will give shitcoin cards to…

A segment of Tea party on Easter Island — Ilan Katin

A primer of early artworks in the blockchain NFT space.

Tokenised art has taken the world by storm! (sort of).

Commonly called ‘Crypto-Art’ or ‘Art On The Blockchain’, this niche discipline has seized transaction volume of some of the most voluminous blockchains and arrived on conference panels at some of the most prestigious art events.

Similar in movement to early net art, blockchains and blockchain platforms provide a new variation of current applications and representation of data that art niches can easily pick up on. …

Recent expansion in the number of farmers harvesting CROPS has led to a significant increase in pollution. Part of this has been caused by such negligent processes as Ethanol production, CROP Fumigating and the wreckless sport of CORNCOMBINE racing.

Effects on smaller production houses such as Kaleidoscope are stark.

If you are logged in and harvesting CROPS you will see the pollution for yourself on the Kaleidoscope directory page.


It’s a sorry state of affairs isn’t it.

Our tests indicate if you have more than 0.34 CROPS then your view will be totally obscured!

Call to Action

The Kaleidoscope Foundation will not sit…

One of the things that blockchain is great at is immutably verifying ownership. That’s great for a currency, but also, not long after Bitcoin launching people were already talking about contracts, digital goods, ID and nationality all being stored or verified on a blockchain. Naturally, one line of discussion to sprout from this seed was that of art provenance.

Hal Finney alluding to cryptocurrencies as an artform in 1993!!!

Here I analyse the thread through tokenisation, gaming assets and memes through to crypto-art, which lead up to the mass adoption of the idea of the artistic Non-Fungible Token.


Right from the genesis block, Bitcoin has been used as more than…

If you have not been following the story, the Kaleidoscope team managed a unique hack on thEOSTIME, an element of the thEOS network.

thEOS used the novel UPDATE BY CEO function to stop the time drain.

The challenge was set and the Kaleidoscope CEO was commissioned to meet it.

Kaleidoscope Road To CEO V0.2 Update

Many weeks have passed and the CEOs for thEOS and Kaleidoscope have been traversing the 5 dimensional Klein surface space-time continuum in search of overall dominance gained only by public opinion and market share. The overall ownership of thEOSTIME is still undecided.

In order to facilitate the garnering…

If you have any interest in anything whatsoever you will certainly have been following the recent thEOSTIME hack. The latest post by thEOS CEO recounts a Zorroan rebuttal of the thEOSTIME smartest time contract drain in which a simple amendment to the initTHEOSTIME function halted the timedrain.

We were surprised to see that such centralised function calls were possible in thEOS. The sheer weight of thEOS’s dominant CEO provision has indeed halted the drain by disrupting Kaleidotheos Klein Surface. The surface itself has become ridiculously unstable which subsequently means the drain connection can no longer operate.

Thermal snapshots of unstable Klien surface

It’s not all bad…

We have launched a successful attack on thEOS to exploit a weakness in the design. We are currently draining the thEOSTIME smartest contract.

You can see the exploit as it happens on Kaleidoscope.

Here are some of the details.

Advanced Warning

Kaleidoscope’s team of white hat computer scientists discovered the potential exploit on Sunday, August 25th at 10:50:38pm.

We warned thEOS CEO, The “Oh Good” Man, of the untokenised nature of thEOSTIME immediately. His response was that he would establish thEOSTIME forever on the immutable digital Bitcoin blockchain using the one true Counterparty protocol. Amen.

He did Not Fulfil This promise. Amen.

Coinworkbench will not take any responsibility for lost funds.

CWB provides an execution only service.

We do not provide any other financial service, financial advice or trading advice and users should be aware of the particular laws and taxes regarding trading within their own country.

All your funds are stored on the exchanges you use. CWB never comes into contact with your funds other than to set buys and sells on the exchange. Any loss of funds outside of the trades we make are the fault of the exchange or yourself.

The code functionality and server load are in test…


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