#1 Simple Tip To Boost Your eCommerce Sales

Throughout the last few weeks I have been posting a series of questions to help gain an understanding on where people have been people struggling the most within their business.

A recurring theme has been that people are driving traffic to their stores but not generating many sales. And even worse some people have been struggling to get traffic to their store…

Here’s a good tip for you… and it’s a simple one:

Write better product descriptions.

It doesn’t matter how pretty your store looks or how popular your products may be, if all of your products have crappy descriptions then I hate to say it but this will massively choke your conversions.

People are buying your product online, so they can’t physically see or touch your product. So for them to gain some form of insight into the quality of your product they rely on the imagery and product descriptions.

As much as possible try to think about who your target audience is and your ideal customer. Ask yourselves these questions:

What are my customer’s pain points?

Why do they need my product?

What solution does my product provide for them?

Try to get into the mindset of your customer because when you do you’ll find it much easier to write compelling copy that connects with them on a personal and emotional level. You MUST highlight the value that your product/service is offering people.

A solid product description is guaranteed to boost your conversion levels. And if you optimize the description for keywords then they are also more likely to appear in the organic search which will boost the amount of traffic to your store without spending money on ads.

If you have found this helpful then I have also created a FREE PDF document where we go over:

1) Upsell Products and how to do it successfully

2) Eliminating Abandoned Carts

3) Spending on social media

4) Generate more product reviews

5) Getting creative

All of which will help you boost traffic and conversions on your store!

You can find the PDF HERE

I hope you have found this all useful. Let me know if you have any questions — I’ll do my best to try and answer them.

Here’s the link once again…