Green 2.2.0 — Python 3.5 Support

Green is a clean, colorful, fast python test runner.

Version 2.2.0 has been released. Python 3.5 support is finally here, officially!

  • Python 3.5 support is now real, including automated builds for every commit. We now compensate for Python 3.5’s new behavior of creating a dummy TestCase when failing to load a test target via a dotted name. All tests now pass on Python 3.5 for the first time! Lets keep it that way. I’m crossing my fingers that this might fix #93, #96, or #98 (which I’ll work on next if it didn’t). Fixes #99.
  • When the summary output of a test case is longer than the terminal width and wraps to the next line, we now rewind the cursor back to the original spot when rewriting in the final color. This means no more “duplicate” lines in verbose output with narrow terminal windows. Fixes #84.