while many white liberal academics may possess the language to talk about racism as an idea, few seem able to address or transform their own racist behaviors.
I fought academia’s cult of civility and all I got was this lousy PTSD diagnosis
Naima Lowe

Or even to be willing to transform in the first place. It seems that in this context, the idea of transforming oneself is more jarring than the idea of racism you mentioned just before. Racism as an idea is more easily digestible if it is discussed in a way (as is often done, especially in academia) where the magnifying lens never focuses on you, whereas self transformation as an idea is a hard pill to swallow because it’s impossible for you truly engage with it and also to avoid the possibility that you might be wrong or part of the problem. Unfortunately we see that for many (white) people, the fear surrounding this possibility is enough for them to prematurely and defensively dismiss any/all proposals of self examination.