Hey everyone! Q here. Apologies for my recent silence. I’ve been busy working on The Plan. Trust me, it’s coming together nicely. I really appreciate your patience and blind faith during these trying times.

Today’s drop will be brief because I know reading full, sequential paragraphs is challenging for many of you. Worry not! I’ll follow up later with a poorly-produced YouTube video for you to lazily consume.

Look, you’re upset about the election. You can’t bring yourself to accept the results. I get it. But I’m here to tell you some big news.

Attending a conference in the near future? Looking to maximize every second of your experience with an actionable strategy? Take a seat. I’m about to serve up a heaping spoonful of unsolicited advice.

Who am I to bequeath such wisdom? Glad you asked. I’m a certified Conference Guru. It’s true because I wrote that on my LinkedIn profile. Look, I’ve attended and spoke at over 800 conferences. That means two things.

  1. I’m in high demand to stand behind a podium and opine about things I have tangential knowledge of.
  2. I know how to rawk a goddamn conference!

Now that you’re…

Business Gurus


  • Claims expertise of SEO, leadership, inbound marketing or whatever’s trending today.
  • Often rocking a turtleneck.
  • Looks forward to touching base and connecting with you.
  • Posting latest keynote slide deck on LinkedIn right now.
  • Unemployable in any other scenario.

Defining Friendship in the Digital Age

What does a Facebook “friend” really mean?

Dictionary.com has many definitions for the word, including:

“a person associated with another as a contact on a social media website.”

This a modern mutation of what we once knew and valued as friendship.

Facebook’s algorithms, assisted by our own behavior, determine what we see in our News Feed. If I regularly punch the Like button on photos posted by my friend Ben, Facebook will learn that I enjoy Ben’s photos and show me more and more over time. …

Ever been stuck in a meeting with an oafish halfwit? Cornered at the printer by an arrogant windbag? Then you’ll surely recognize the unfortunate personalities described here.

Office Creatures: An Illustrated Field Guide (THE BOOK) is out now. Order it here.

Pseudo districtus: By rapidly shuffling papers and pretending to be out of breath, Pseudo districtus camouflages itself as a “busy” member of the office. Maintaining this disguise is key to the creature’s survival in the workplace. Diet: Feeds on the pity of coworkers.

This spring I spoke to a Drake University Innovation and Change in Contemporary Leadership class about what I’ve learned during my first year as a full-time artist. Here are some of the highlights.

The Business World is Thirsty for Creativity

Businesses are more than willing to pay for art services, whether that’s graphic recording at meetings or unique, original illustrations in lieu of boring stock photography.

Whatever your artistic gift is, chances are there’s a business willing to pay for it. Often companies won’t know what to ask for, so artists need to sharpen their own business acumen. The majority of my earnings come from the professional…

ABOVE: Ballet Des Moines artist showcase at Mainframe Studios.

This spring I was accepted into the Ballet Des Moines Artist-In-Residence Program. During the six-week residency I worked on-site at the rehearsal studio, creating a 10-page comic and multiple original drawings inspired by the ballet. It concluded with a showcase at Mainframe Studios.

The residency was a much-needed opportunity get outside my own head and absorb fresh creative energy from a world I knew very little about. The ballet dancers’ artistry, raw athleticism, professionalism and work ethic was impressive and humbling. …

Nathan T. Wright

Illustrator, artist and hermit

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