I made it perfectly clear in my initial post — the one where I provided details using my eyes and…
T Lane

Hahaha. Love it. Those words sound a lot like Van Gundy’s. But sure, we’ll call them “yours.” Let’s assume your brain birthed those ideas. We must also assume your thesis derived from numerous super-slo-mo replays, because physical action is SO much clearer when viewed in super-slo-mo. Real world timing has no valid information in it anyway. You see, in slo-mo you can call things what they are not.

Trot: a jogging gait of a human that falls between a walk and a run. Nope. Maybe more of an electric slide? Who knows. Looks to me like he stomped on Kawhi’s balls.

Nitpick: to criticize by focusing on inconsequential details. Nope. All points of focus quite consequential.

He has two feet on the ground when the ball is released — and he takes two more steps while its in the air.

I mean, you seriously have to be looking at a freeze frame here…because of course the context of momentum and recovery can’t apply when some has TWO FEET ON THE GROUND. Clearly he should’ve just frozen himself in suspended animation, just like I can with super-slo-mo whizzy techy.

Honestly, you really shouldn’t respond. I personally hate Zaza. He’s an ass, and a moron, and I’d prefer if he didn’t play basketball and let someone with some body control and talent play. But I couldn’t help myself here from razzing someone who clearly has no ability to think critically. Wake-up call: Popovich is a mastermind of gamesmanship. He has deftly removed any criticism worthy of the Spurs (who could not maintain a massive lead) and created a shit storm around the Warriors. And the morons all got in line to join the Idiocracy. Bon Voyage.

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