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This article is click-bait, right? Why talk about the contest itself when you can sensationalize one sad, freak moment? This absurd bandwagon drivel you’ve published here is enough for me to remove the Ringer and Bill Simmons podcast from my rotation. Sherman, get a job.

First I must confess, Kawhi Leonard is my favorite player of all time. Tim Duncan second. I also own a Clay Thompson jersey, because who doesn’t love a guy who can score 60 points on 11 dribbles.

But in large part Pop is to blame, and I’m surprised he’s putting this out there. I was born a Spurs fan, and all I can say is that he must just hate Zaza. Fair enough. Years of listening to Pop make me think he just stirred this up to get the media into a frenzy…because he likes watching reporters morph into dogs after a bone. But he’s to blame because he should’ve recognized that Kawhi was hurting, especially coming off a missed game with the same injury. I saw it, and was dumbfounded when he stayed in. At least get the ankle checked out for a few series. My god, they were still up 11. Sit Kawhi for a few minutes and have faith in the team that just destroyed the Rockettes by 39 at home.

But no one’s discussing this game intelligently. We’re just asking stupid questions, like, did Zaza intentionally try to take Kawhi out? Are you serious? Really? Did you watch the game? Ask better questions. It’s what good writers do. Idiocracy, here we come.

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