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I don’t think I’ve called anyone a racist, here or anywhere else. I am being respectful and arguing on the merits, not name-calling.

And you are right, it isn’t a binary. I know you’ve been blocked by Son of Baldwin so you can’t see the conversations I’m having in other threads, but I have been pointing out the pathology, as you say, despite some pretty vile pushback. Sometimes it’s helpful, sometimes it’s necessary, and sometimes it’s counterproductive. I’m learning to discern the difference. Turns out it’s counterproductive more often than I’d originally believed, so again, I’m learning. I care about results more than anything, so I’m just trying to be pragmatic about it.

Here, though, in this thread, I was responding to a biased and factually inaccurate historical account, which led to further conversation that led to the point I made that you responded to. All of that conversation indicated to me that the person I’m conversing with was pointing fingers more than really understanding the issues holistically, but I believe him to be a good person, so I’m doing my best to present the other side of the equation.