I am a Woman. You are a Trans Woman. And That Distinction Matters.

I see some valid points in both sides of the various issues brought up in this article. It seems clear to me the Ms Broustra is speaking honestly and sincerely, and that her experiences in all of this are as valid as any other. As a rape survivor myself, I know that trauma doesn’t care about our politics or evolving gender theory.

At the same time, there is a lot of unconscious transphobia in here, too. The whole trope about men wearing dresses to further their sexual predation has nothing to do with trans women. Sexual predators will use *any* manipulation they can, but trans women are just trying to live their lives.

I have seen both sides get very heated in their arguments, which is perpetuating divisions within communities that have a common enemy in patriarchy. Transgenderism poses some unique challenges to the politics of gender equality, but we’re really all in this together. If we can start with that assumption, and regard everyone’s experience and pain as valid and worthy of compassion, we’ll be in a much better position to navigate these choppy waters and to present a unified front against the forces of oppression that are the true beneficiaries of our internal divisions.

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