Welp, I tried.
H. Nemesis Nyx

Now that the dust has settled, I have blocked Ivy. I have nothing against them, but their over-the-top vitriol and unfathomable misinterpretations of everybody’s honest, good intentions just isn’t my jam. I get where they’re coming from, or at least I think I do: they’re reclaiming their power after having been abused and traumatized and made to feel like they had to take care of their abuser’s feelings. Their path to reclaiming that power, though, is at odds with my need for productive, or at least minimally civil, discourse. So, best we don’t ever have to deal with each other again.

Thank you for sticking up for me, H. Nemesis Nyx . You understood my comment perfectly, knowing no more about me than Ivy does. Your ability to read the situation through all these online filters is spot on. I’m sorry you lost a friendship(?) or connection as a result of all this, but it seems pretty clear that that was destined to happen somewhere down the road anyway. You treated Ivy with kindness and respect, owned your mistakes, and continued to try to build bridges with them even after they had shit all over you; they could only see the monstrous demons of their past where a truly good person stands.

I realized this morning that there is an irony in all this, which is that my instinctive reaction was exactly what Ivy’s friend (with the symbols that I can’t tag or replicate) suggested at the start of all this, which was to shut the hell up! Haha! And yes, that was the most compassionate thing I could do. Anything I said would only have made the situation worse, so best for everyone if I just chill on the sidelines. Anyway, thanks again for your time and emotional labor. ❤

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