Wow, very well said, very thoughtful.
Amber Lisa

Why do some people care about others, even when there is no self-interested reason to do so? This is a question I’ve pondered for decades, because if there was some way to explain it, perhaps there would be a way to get everyone to care, because that’s what this planet needs. In my experience, what it comes down to is seeing on some fundamental level that we are all the same. That there is a piece of me inside of everyone. That we all want the same basic things. That the awareness that experiences suffering in another is no more or less deserving of it than the awareness inside myself. Something has to break through all the barriers and all the filters that make everyone else “other" so that they can be seen as brethren.

But I haven’t figured out the secret formula to make everyone see that. I don’t think it exists. Everything in its time. The only thing I’ve seen work with some regularity is vulnerability. When someone is in pain and expresses it honestly, vulnerably, and without rancor. Don’t attack the other person because that just triggers their ego’s defense mechanisms. Don’t give the ego any reason to come looking for a fight, just be open. Of course, there will always be those who see such vulnerability as an opportunity to attack, so you have to be in a place where yo can handle that; if you’re not, better to stay well-protected.

Anyway, those are my thoughts and observations. Thank you for the discussion.

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