How to Craft the Best Personal Statement for College Applications

A personal statement is the key to enter any college or university. It is the short essay that reflects why you are the perfect candidate for the course you have applied. Not only you but many are applying for the same course, maybe with higher grades than yours. Then how will you stand out and impress the admission officer with your college application? So, let us find how to write an impressive personal statement for college application.

Seven ways on how to write the personal statement for college application

Listed below are essential tips on writing a personal statement for college application:

1. Select your subject — It would be quite difficult to start the personal statement without deciding upon the subject. So choose the subject before writing your personal statement.

2. Why this particular course? — Explain the reason for selecting the particular course. Focus on how you developed your interest and what measures you have taken to pursue it.

3. How are you the best fit? — Try to showcase all your strengths and positives. Give evidence to prove that you not only meet the selection criteria but also have researched on the particular subject.

4. Do you have transferable skills? — Try to focus on the transferable skills you have. For example are you able to work independently, or you are a team worker, do you have the problem-solving ability or organisational skills etc. Talk in details to impress your admission officer.

5. What is your long-term plan? — Just saying that you want to be a news reporter won’t exactly help you stand out from the crowd. For that, you need to mention your long-term plan in an exciting way to show the spark in you.

6. The final draft — As soon as you get your answers for the above-asked questions, start drafting your personal statement. Write in an organised way maintaining the style and format if given.

7. The final check — Lastly, give it a review. Ask someone to read it and find a proofreading or grammatical mistake if any.

But before you start writing remember few essential things.

Things to remember

• Try to show that you are a critical thinker. Being able to demonstrate that you are a critical thinker can be a big plus point in your personal statement.

• Although it’s a personal statement, don’t go on for writing emotionally blackmailing content.

• Don’t go for a long list of your doing unless you are properly explaining each.

• Don’t go for specific references as your statement will be furnished to all the colleges.

• Don’t keep your work for the last minute. Keep time to review and recheck so that you can add or eliminate things for a better approach.

• Lastly, avoid copying from any source. A plagiarised content will undoubtedly hamper your grades.

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