Who Judges the Judges?

In Kings County Brooklyn, according to Eli Cohen at The judiciary committee of NYC Bar Association, out of the 4 judges for Civil Court, Loren Bailey and Ingrid Joseph were approved and qualified to serve as judges. Saul Cohen and Sheryl Owen were not.

Most Orwellian of all, this Bar Association “cannot comment on what is or is not considered in this qualification.”

How is a registered voter supposed to judge the judges? Or even the Delegates to the Judicial Convention?

After a non-answer from the Bar Association, I called a string of governmental agencies who also had zero information for me on these judges voting records.

I spoke to Fina Lessey at the Judicial Campaign Ethics Center ( 888–600–5232) and she said, “I don’t have that info for you, you’ll have to call communications.” There was no one at that communications center who could answer any questions. Apparently, that center is “supposed to issue a pamphlet later in the year” on the candidates' records. I asked them why would that pamphlet be useful after the election? They had no answer.

This Ethics Center shows judicial candidates a video an hour and 45 minutes long on “ethics” and then uses a mirror to check for breathing, and then issues a certificate to them. I asked them if they ever did not issue an ethics certificate to a candidate, Ms. Lessey said no.

Ms. Lessey then directed me to speak to Lucien Chalsen, 212–809–0566 director of communication for the office of Court Administration who was also not available for a call.

Want to know why our representative democracy is failing? Low primary turnout because the current environment is not bad enough for most people to care, and a byzantine maze of governmental Orwellian nonsense that prevents voters from finding out basic information on the people who are in charge of our civil court system.