A Thought RE: Terence Crutcher

You know, if I was being treated with hostility in an interaction with the police, I would probably get extremely nervous. Not because I did anything, but because I have anxiety issues and because I know that you don’t need to have done anything wrong for that situation to end poorly. One potential reaction I could have is not hearing, or not understanding what an officer was saying to me, due to my state of panic. I might walk back toward my car, wishing to get to safety. I might instinctively reach toward my pocket, for my phone, to call my parents or my fiancee. I might freeze, unable to put my hands up.

I would probably walk away from that situation, though. Because I’m white, and for some reason that seems to make a whole lot of difference in the way a lot of officers (certainly not all or even most) handle the situation. If I was black, and those scenarios planned out, I can say with a high amount of certainty that I would die.

And that’s fucked up.