How to be alright with “I got nothing done today” without falling behind on your goals

Don’t worry, you’re still awesome

I thought about this a lot today. About how getting things done today and actually falling behind on my goals are two different things.

I was asked recently what I do to gage my success on Instagram (which is small but growing). I told them I don’t look at everyday, everyday. Even though I want to get better and better, when I look all the time I become obsessed about it. I look at my stats on Instagram once a week or every other week. This way, I see the results, see what’s working, then move on.

The reality? This lets me see that, while day 3 of the month was a bust I totally made up for it in day 6. When I checked everyday one bust day would lead to 4 because I’d be in my head about getting it better. When my mind is free to just create something new everyday, it’s less likely to bomb it. I still bomb it some days but so much less now and never one after another like I did before.

This rolls into days I call “Blackboard days” — Days where I simply need to get done the things on my blackboard and nothing else is on my mind.

Usually these are simple things and these are days that I basically take off from the work i do but the question remains:

If I don’t do the few things on my list, didn’t I fail today? Fail to make progress, to get better. I know I did things all day, I didn’t just watch TV all day but I didn’t get anything done — nothing from my list (or just one thing).

I have days like this — notably on Sundays. They’re not days where I work, or I do little things with work. But they’re days where I’ve got a handful of things I want to do — Blackboard days.

Today, after only accomplishing 1/2 of my list, on this blackboard day close to the holiday break, I noticed a very important detail.

Today wasn’t unsuccessful

I point this out because it certainly seems that way. Setting out to do a handful of things and in reality not getting them all done.

Here’s what I did do today though:

  • I had my full, 30grams of protein breakfast
  • I worked out
  • I had lunch & dinner (didn’t use to do that most days)
  • I slept for 8 hours
  • I wrote (this thing now)
  • I journaled
  • I designed (after I finish this writing)

Those are what I call “my dailies”. The things I feel like I need to do to move forward, even if it’s my health and not my work. Which is honestly more important.

So before you say today was a flop — think about your dailies. If you did them, you can still feel like you’ve made some progress.

I think the worst thing you can do is get in your head about your success. Not everyday is going to be big and amazing and you’re not going to feel like you killed it everyday, because you won’t kill it everyday.

But you can hold your head high, knowing today wasn’t actually a flop.

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