Introducing — Memorial Sites

An explanation on what these are and why I’m doing this

Why I’m doing this & Why it’s important

First things first, why did I choose to create create memorial websites?

After my grandfather, Les Anderson, passed away late in 2015, my father asked me to design a website for him and maybe upload a few photos to the site while I was at it. My grandfather took lot’s of photos so we had 100’s of slides.

I decided to go for it but we only had a week. Enough time for something simple, easily, but I wanted to go bigger. I wanted something with stories, information, and a visual experience that would make people think “yeah, that was Les Anderson alright”. After a bit of research I found that there was no easy way to create these sites and no one that could help you with it.

So I decided to create something of my own. The original site was simple, quick, and basically what I considered to be a “early version 0.5” — it didn’t even make the 1.0 cut. But it was something I did on extremely short notice with little time to think about it.

I honestly thought that would be the end of it.

The site was shown to the whole family, on a TV, after the service for Les. The family appreciated the stories and photos and everything, as expected. What I didn’t expect, was all the people that came to me asking for a website like that one over the next few months. Family members had enthusiastically shared the site with their friends and the reaction was amazing.

So I set out to make this thing really work.

Honestly, I didn’t think it would be as complicated as it proved to be. I debated on the details and tirelessly improved on version after version of designs for the first site (we’re way past version 0.5).

After a few months, I set out to create the first couple of sites. I found someone that was interested and started on the design of the site and the photo restoration process.

What I found was that the work itself, the design, the coding, the photography restoration, really meant a lot to me. I knew it would mean a lot when I was creating a site for my grandfather, I mean he was my grandfather! But someone else? Someone that I didn’t already know the stories about or have seen the photos before. It’s still a thrill to get stories and photos from other peoples lives, hear about them, and turn them into a website they can share with everyone they know.

Letting you know all these details is important to me. It’s important to me that you know why I created the first site and it’s especially important to me that you know how much joy I get in creating these for people. I always look for details like that when making my own purchasing decisions, plus I’m pretty pumped to be able to do this so I’m just passing on most of this to you.

Why Launch Day is Special

Okay, honestly, I was glad to be able to time this just perfect. It’s not something you usually have the opportunity to do.

Today, March 21st has always been an extra special day for me. It’s:

  • It’s my birthday (21st)
  • It’s my parents anniversary
  • It’s the first day of spring
  • It’s worldwide Down syndrome awareness day (woot woot!)

And now it’s the day I’m launching my new site:

The specifics on the service, like pricing, are all available at I’m thrilled to offer things like photo restoration and I’m working with an amazing copywriter to provide exceptionally crisp copy throughout the sties.

Again, I’m beyond thrilled to be finally launching this. These sites were so much fun to design and build and I’m very much looking forward to creating some more of these.

I’d love to hear anyone’s thoughts about this project, and I’d be honored to work with you on a memorial site sometime.

Shoot me an email:
Text me: 865–202–8588
Or just reply to this story
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