It’s hard to put yourself out there

So practice it, like I am

Yesterday I wrote about my brother I don’t often do this but I always find myself wanting to do it.

And I write everyday so why can’t I just write about him more often?

Writing about my brother is the hardest, also best, writing. I’m always nervous to publish his. I am always nervous about putting that part of my life out there for everyone to see because it’s scary.

It’s scary for so many reasons but the biggest one is failing. I don’t usually care about failing — I do it all the time. If I was concerned about failing I wouldn’t do the work I did, I wouldn’t go out on a limb every other week, I wouldn’t do this writing everyday!

With Preston, it’s different.

When I write about Preston I am trying to give him a voice. I’m trying to show people what it means to experience life from and by his side. Unfortunately he can’t give you his input and the best I can do is guess.

So when everything is said and done, these daily writings are the best practice I’ve got. I’m not an amazing writer but I think I’m good enough — I don’t think that part matters as much.

What matters are the stories.

So starting this Sunday, November 29th I’m going to be publishing a story every Sunday about Preston. Stories, thoughts, feelings, whatever I’m feeling.

Stay tuned for some cool things :)

Thanks so much for reading! I truly appreciate it!

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