My mom called me a bad writer and I loved it

Thanks a lot Mom

My “relationship” with writing has been a strange one. I never was good at english classes in high school and when I took a college english class my senior year, it took all I had to pass with a C.

After school (no college for me) I found myself reading more and more and enjoying so much of it. Why not write some? I thought.

Obviously writing wasn’t my forte going into this (the nicer way than this title and what my mother actually said) but I still wrote. Oh boy did I write.

I wrote when I felt like it, when I felt “inspired” — This got me nowhere, slowly.

Then I wrote a story everyday for over 50 days and never published a word of it.

Then I wrote for 50 days and published the stories and no one read them.

Then I wrote stories that added something different — a little bit of me.

I can’t tell if I’m confused or looking at something…

Eventually I found that interesting photos and unique things like having an older brother with Down syndrome were what truly made these interesting.

I might have gotten better at writing but it really doesn’t matter. I feel like I am a better writer. I have the confidence to have an idea, write about it, and tell everyone I know, every single day. It seems crazy but that’s what I got better at wring for over 100 days straight. Not grammar or other technical skills — I’m just as bad at those as I was on day one and I don’t care one bit.

Oh and guess what happened to me today?

Someone (not my mom) actually said to me:
 “I think writing is your forte”

Look at me now mom.

Look at me now, with my professional writing face on:

This just happened and I can’t explain it…
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