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On failing to write

Honesty time: I don’t have a fancy article for this week.

First of all, no one says I have to have one of these articles every week except for me. I’ve written in the past and last weeks article wasn’t exactly easy for me to write. Not taking the topic as serious this week hurt me.

Let me tell you what happened.

Failing to write

I started an article that never got finished. It did get started late and because of that I felt rushed. I ended up abandoning the idea I had for that article. I’ll write that one someday just not today.

Getting pumped up (not about writing)

I worked all day Saturday this weekend. I felt blocked and I didn’t get anything done on Friday. I also got little done Thursday as well so I felt like I needed the extra day. I ended up treating Saturday like any other work day and I had incredible results.

I was breaking through huge road-blocks for a new project I’m so pumped about launching. This week I’ll start the launch process.

Productive procrastination

I’ve never done so many things while avoiding writing. I loved the idea of productive procrastination the second I heard Tobias van Schneider talk about it. Well that’s what I did this week. I did a lot of it actually. I created a new Unsplash account for my grandfather and people loving it already. I made huge strides in improving the backend, behind the scenes setup for how I update my photo site.

I also did a whole lot of research on photo printing and did a lot of logistics math for my not-super-secret project I’m announcing soon.

It’s funny, I got to the middle of the week and feared I wouldn’t get much done. Then I started avoiding writing and got an insane amount of work done.

Writing about failing

Oh, well, that was this article. Turned out to be something, right?

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