The fine line of folding on your own rules

There are exceptions but not always… But sometimes…

It’s always hard to tell where the line is sometimes but especially when it comes to rules you setup for yourself.

They’re yours right? You can break them if you want, bend them a little bit. Stretch out the situation a bit from time to time. Often these things lead to your “rule” doing you no good.

Take working out for an example. Saying “I’m going to workout more” or “I’ll do something everyday” is awesome! But when you start saying “oh today is different though” and “well it’s a holiday tomorrow” then your rules do you no good. So just don’t break your rules right? That’d be easy, if life was always the same. Predictable. Life’s not like that. I know mines not, I’m sure yours isn’t either.

Today I shifted my focus from the work to the fixing my office (reorganizing yet again) and I broke a couple of my rules in the process. I’m suffering for it, mainly on a nutrition level. I’m so tired and it’s not even that late. I just need to go eat.

I had a reason for it though. I knew today didn’t have to be a work day. I knew I could easily get work done tomorrow and Friday. I knew I wouldn’t miss out on anything else on those two days if I decided to work. So it’s perfect, who cars about the rules?

At the end of the day, looking back is the key. This could’ve easily been a terrible mistake but today, as I always do, I sat down to write (like this) and journal. Both of these things make me look at my day, in different ways. Both were key to confirming that I was right and both would’ve caught a mistake.

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