The second I stopped worrying about getting new clients one called me.

It’s funny how it works out sometimes. I think every time that everyone is screaming some nice-sounding advice at you, like “just do the work and the money/ clients will come” it it seems to be right. It also never ever feels right.

I started on a project this week for my grandfather. He recently passed away and I am creating some tribute images that tell stories about his life and posting them on a new website.

It’s not actually a client but the work is like any other client (sort of) and at the end of the day I need to sit down, focus, and knock the content out.

It’s funny though — I really didn’t want to just work on the site. As tight of a deadline as it is I need clients! How could I devote all my time to this project?

I caved, since the deadline is short, and worked only on this project today.

After lunch, also after a super-productive morning on the project, I got a call from a client I had done work for months ago. They said they were still wanting to hold off until December to get into the big stuff but they had a job for me to do tomorrow.

Tomorrow? Awesome.

Now I know there are many things that factor into this job and it’s not exactly anything big — it’ll take me about two hours tomorrow morning.

The point is, when I was constantly thinking and worrying about getting new clients I didn’t make any real progress on anything. Sitting down and focusing on the work is all you can do — sometimes the work is a lot of extra above and beyond for your current customers (that’s what tomorrow is and that’s sort of what this project for my grandfather is but indirectly).

So just go work. Be amazing, then people will come.

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