Why I’m giving up my trying to escape my life

There’s a better way to deal with stress — stop avoiding it.

It’s so strange to think about what publishing these posts on Medium has done for me. Even stranger is thinking about how much the posts about my actual life are helping me figure out my life better. Funny enough, they’re also the only posts anyone seems interested in. So I’m going to do it more.

I remember the decision point to start publishing my daily writings on Medium. It was basically no decision at all. It was simply a thought. I thought: “ehh, why not just publish them, I already write them” so I started publishing them.

The feedback from my posts about my personal experiences and real different life — like my brother or how hard this can be or even just rants about the day — have forced me to think about those types of stores more and that’s what’s influenced my decisions.

So here I am, I can’t believe I’m well over a year from my very first post (about college) and going so much stronger than I was when I published that post. Now I’m in a particularly interesting situation though: I can’t just get away with some quick advice anymore. I can’t just share my spin on something I’ve heard 100 times and feel like I’ve given a real effort.

Because of that, I have to stop avoiding my life. I haven’t been constantly avoiding my life and ducking away from my problems but I’ve been doing it to some extent. I have held onto my video game consoles, even though I’ve played them less and less. I have watched TV shows at night for no other reason than to be killing the next hour or two hours before bed.

So I’m quitting them both. No extra TV. No video games at all (so I’m selling a white Xbox and PS4, interested?)

The thing about these is that I know they’re not inherently “poison”. I don’t think there is anything wrong with these two things. I’ve used them very effectively to hack myself into completing other daily tasks like listening to books while playing games and using TV to train on the bike. Besides a few of those things though, these pull me out of reality more than I like.

As they say, if you take away you’ve gotta put something in it’s place. I know this doesn’t work without something to fill that time. Something to help me relax if I need to. Something to take my mind off of things if I want to stop thinking about work. This thing, for me, is photography.

It may seem strange. Weird even. But for me photography does the things that TV and video games can do but it doesn’t stick in my head. I get to thinking about all these things in TV shows or video games and while I eventually come back to reality, it’s not welcome and I don’t like it.

Photography. More posts about my life instead of attempting to give advice I don’t know about. And a weekly story about how Preston has influenced my life.

Oh man, this is exciting!

Thanks so much for reading! I truly appreciate it!

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