Why my crazy rules make me crazy win my day

AKA: Finding the breaking point by failing a LOT

It came up recently that I have some pretty weird rules. They don’t make sense to other people, they’re super hard to explain sometimes, and they can honestly lead to many arguments with people.

My crazy rules include things like:

  • No Social Media until during lunch then none until 8pm
  • No phone in the bedroom
  • No text on the computer during the work hours
  • No coffee first thing in the morning

Okay, I know what you’re thinking and I warned you, they’re crazy right? They’re crazy for all of the people that aren’t me. They’re perfect for me.

Take the coffee in the morning. I have 30 grams of protein within 30min of waking up every morning. That’s the first thing I have every morning. Then I start up on my water. Drinking coffee in the morning just makes me either too full (30 grams or protein is filling enough) or I’m not wanting any water (and you neeeeed water people, you just do).

The other ones are more self-explanatory. It’s easy for those things to be distractions when you’re working on a big project. I don’t work on big projects everyday though.

So why else would I do all those other things? Why else would I follow those crazy rules?

Because they lead to me failing. I know this because, I’ve failed. It always seems like people that work from home get to just hangout in their underwear and relax all day. Not only are pants almost always a good idea but working from home requires a lot of focus. Especially when you work and play in the SAME room, which I have to do because of my living situation (I just don’t have room for one room to be only a office).

Figuring out what makes you work the best is all about the times when you fail. Take TV for instance. I realize very early on that I can’t watch anything but this cool guy in the morning because TV shows are too long, too engaging and just too much. The reality is I would like something that’s 10min and not 30min. That’s that Vlog. That’s the only thing I watch in the morning (if I watch something).

This decision came with the failing of trying so many other things though. From leaving TV shows to trying podcasts that I love. Same issue happened — the content was great but it was too long. I felt like I was always cutting things off and I hated that. But I learned, I got better, I figured out what works.

When you realize how important your own schedule is, you can setup your “crazy rules” for making your day go as smoothly as possible. You know what can derail you and everyone know’s it’s easier to not eat that candy bar if you can’t see it. Even better — You can’t fall into a ditch if you never walk anywhere near a ditch. As obvious as this sounds, distractions can be the same. If you don’t take your phone upstairs, you can’t use it instead of going to sleep. You can’t. It’s impossible. It’s so much easier to do things this way.

So what about you? What are your crazy rules?