I have an older brother with Down syndrome. Throughout the years he’s taught me a whole mess of things about life. Recently we went to a trampoline house and he showed me something truly amazing:


He did this in ways only he can, without words, but with actions.

When we went to jump, Preston didn’t worry about anything, he didn’t try to achieve any sort of goal.

Preston just:


Sat down

Had Fun


The Zen takeaway from Preston:

Preston has never had trouble relaxing. While most of us scramble to make our relaxation time as perfect as possible, he settles for anything he finds any value in at all.

While others were worrying about where to go jump, Preston took the first trampoline and went as high as he could.

While others were in line to try and do everything on the course they possible could, Preston just took what was available.

While others were focusing on all the external factors that were being thrown at them, Preston focused on one thing: Having fun.

It’s easy to let things get to you. It’s easy to let silly little things get in your way and stop you from relaxing.

Just take a page from Preston’s book and just be Zen.

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