photo by Andy Bokanev


A passion project started in 2013, Native is a collective of individuals with a love for cycling in all it’s forms. We are not a team. Nor are we defined by standard cycling classifications like: Roadie, Mountain Biker, Randonneur, or Racer. Though all of these classifications are part of what Native does. Instead, we are connected by a common thread of exploration, of ourselves and the world around us. The bicycle is the perfect tool for this exploration. A notion that has been widely accepted and put to words by the great scribe Hemingway who said:

“It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best, since you have to sweat up the hills and coast down them.”
Natives in Saguaro National Park

We are not all native in the sense that we are all “from here”, but in the sense that our two wheel explorations have given us a knowledge of the land we have made our home, its smells, its contours and colors, its back roads, small neighborhood lanes and out of the way farm roads. We have gained a natives knowledge.

Native: (of a quality) belonging to a person’s character. from birth rather than acquired. 
- Oxford English Dictionary definition #3 for the word Native.

In addition to the defining the concept, I designed the identity and produced two seasons of cycling kits for cyclocross, road and mountain biking disciplines.

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The Season 2 Cyclocross Skinsuit was featured on the cover of Bicycling magazine, shot by Jose Mandojana
Season 2
Me racing in Woodland Park Cyclocross GP