Nut, Never Lost
Nut is small, Peace of Mind is Huge!

You’re twenty minutes away from home, and you grumble, you have to turn around. It’s never fun to realize that you’ve left something behind. You have a schedule to keep, places to be, people to meet, and the last thing you need to do is make the same trip twice. Still, for many of us, this situation seems to be an inescapable fact of life. You are going to leave your phone behind or maybe your car keys or maybe the portfolio you had promised to show your client. It’s going to be an inconvenience, and as long as you lead a busy and productive life, it is going to remain unavoidable.

Now, however, there is a solution. With Nut find Smart Trackers, everything you own is always within reach, no matter where you are. Simply attach the Nut to any item that you own — your phone, your remote, your keychain, anything — and it becomes impossible to lose. Your days of leaving the house only to turn back around a half-hour later are over. Nut is tiny, peace of mind is huge.

The premise is simple. Nut is a multi-functional device designed to keep track of all your easily misplaced belongings. Features include one-touch find, bi-direction alerting, a lost and found network, phone alerts, location records, replaceable battery, ultra-long battery life, group sharing, and multiple item controls. Managed entirely through our easy-to-use, intuitive mobile app, available for both iOS and Android, Nut makes keeping track of anything quick and easy.

Nut Technology has been operating successfully since 2013. We launched Nut Find 1 in November 2013 and Nut Find 2 in September 2014, both to widespread acclaim. Nut Mini launched in June 2015 has also been very popular, and based on the success of all three of these products and millions of user’s feedback we are ready to launch the all new Nut Find 3.

We believe the Nut Find 3 is the best smart tracker. It is the culmination of all of our knowledge and all of our development. Our designer was inspired by natural beauty: Zen gardens, the ocean, terraces, among other images. The strips on the front cover of Nut Find 3 are illustrative of these images and reflect the ease that Nut Find will introduce into your life which will truly give you peace of mind and allow for more focus on what you are good at every day.

The new Nut Find 3retains all the functionality of Nut Find 2 but has increased battery life, up to 1 year from 3–6 month with the optimized design. The dual anti-loss and find-it modes give you the option of using Nutto maintain status and location of an item and to actively locate an item you’ve misplaced. With anti-loss mode, you can set a silent region and silent zone to minimize alerts in areas such as home and work place. Find-it mode is activated when you either tell your phone to tell your Nut to sound an alert or you tell the Nut to make your phone sound an alert. In terms of software, Nut Find 3 is designed to provide the best user experience, the user interface is upgraded to be more user friendly and our team is releasing firmware upgrades on a regular basis.

Nut Find 3, pulling together everything we have learned into our most compact and most effective tracking system yet. Your support will make lives around the world simpler, happier, and more relaxed . We appreciate all your support. Thank you for your time.

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