Senior Thesis

Yup, it’s definitely starting to hit me. I’m a senior. It’s funny, I already feel nostalgic of all the experiences that have led me to this point, like the time in my freshman year at Kubasaki High when there was an earthquake while I was in Algebra II and us students got on our desks and did the “Cupid Shuffle” (it was almost Valentine’s Day). And now I get to write a 5–7 page essay about something I’m interested in.

Initially, I wanted to write about the effect of the Media in painting a negative image of police officers across the country and how it almost always results in greater racial violence, more arrests by the police, etc… However, I was informed such an essay would be too “dogmatic.” So here are a few other ideas:

  • The effect of our shoes on our psychological behavior.
  • How international sports impact diplomatic and social relationships between countries.
  • Why Hollywood is pushing for interplanetary and interstellar exploration, and how it can happen in our lifetimes.
  • The evolution of crime, and where it’s headed next.

I find all of these topics interesting, but I especially love the ones about international sports and cinematic space-exploration. Between these two topics I am torn. As for how international sports impact diplomatic/social relationships between countries, I’m not sure how I would acquire five contact hours — it’s not as if I have world-class athletes and coaches on my speed dial. However, I find this topic the most intriguing because it would allow me to research the history of sports between countries and analyze how the people of a country reacted to athletic events v. how their governments reacted. For example (on a very small scale): when I lived in Japan, I would often play baseball or soccer with Japanese children my age. This improved relations between the US military and the locals because of the sense of community such programs brought about.

My other preferred topic is “Why Hollywood is pushing for interplanetary and interstellar exploration, and how it can happen in our lifetimes.” Most people have seen the movie Interstellar, and therefore have at least a rudimentary understanding of wormholes and how they provide real-life portals to other galaxies that are otherwise unreachable. Fact: wormholes are real. Also fact: they are too minute to be useful — only about 1000th of the width of a Hydrogen atom. But the reality that Hollywood is beginning to entertain the possibility of interstellar/interplanetary travel, and that the public is absolutely loving these movies, implies that we may begin to see real exploration very soon. Already, a group of scientists including Stephen Hawking and Mark Zuckerberg are assembling a plethora of tiny robots equipped with 360-degree cameras and fission reactors to propel them across space in search of habitable planets. For contact hours, I could interview numerous college Astronomy professors and get their opinions on what Kennedy dubbed “The Last Frontier.” I think I’ll end up writing about this one.

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