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  • Darcy Neureiter

    Darcy Neureiter

  • Jennifer Manley

    Jennifer Manley

  • Ms Pragmatism

    Ms Pragmatism

  • Rob Cervantes

    Rob Cervantes

    Getting the S.H.A.F.T.-Sarcasm, Humor, Along with, Facts and Truth-keeping it real from a fitness buff, mixologist, and aspiring comedy writer.

  • Sandra


  • Jee Young Park

    Jee Young Park

    American. Korean. Immigrant. Writer & Artist aspiring to anti-racism and global citizenship. Reluctant female entrepreneur. New to #WEOC

  • Maria Eugenia Tapia

    Maria Eugenia Tapia

  • Verbieann Hardy

    Verbieann Hardy

    Trying hard to be a Jesus follower. I write about life, spirituality, and relationships as I age with grateful grit. More about me at www.thirdactwriting.com.

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