FrootVPN’s newest Canadian Servers

Nathan Simpson
Feb 4, 2016 · 2 min read

The newest Canadian Servers added by FrootVPN was first mentioned in one of the VPN Creative’s post. It was stated there that FrootVPN is currently evaluating new Canadian servers that will be tentatively available in the coming weeks.

VPN Creative’s announcement was then echoed in FrootVPN’s twitter post stating that they will be launching their newest Canadian servers in February 1st at 08:00 UTC which is available for PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN (as shown below). It was considered as an additional selection in their current servers and most especially as a treat for those loyal users who are continuously supporting their VPN as they proudly announced the availability of their Canadian Servers on one of their blog post.

Screenshot from the Twitter page of FrootVPN

Its existence is something that everyone must look forward to because this additional servers are considered as one of FrootVPN’s strategy in achieving their ultimate goal which is to make people secure and anonymous online. It will also be a big help especially in accessing some shows in Canada that are not accessible in other country and most of all, this servers will surely add a very significant convenience for their users as it becomes an additional variation to their US server that is currently applicable for L2TP and PPTP only. However they’ve also stated on their twitter post that they will be having an OpenVPN Configuration for their US server this coming March. That’s why, FrootVPN is encouraging all their users to be continuously updated with all their future improvements in order for them to have a good VPN connection and most especially to experience this much awaited Canadian server.

Truly this servers could prove that FrootVPN is continuously working hard to give their best VPN to their valued users. And perhaps it’s their way of showing their intention of giving a satisfying service.

Nathan Simpson is an analyst at who has a passion for writing about Internet security and online privacy.

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