FrootVPN: United Kingdom VPN Server is Now Available!

FrootVPN: United Kingdom VPN Server is Now Available!

FrootVPN has a new vpn server available for its users. If you’re a FrootVPN subscriber, and you like watching UK TV channels with people talking with that amazing British accent you’ll be happy as they officially launched their United Kingdom vpn server. Like watching a child to grow, FrootVPN started as free and because of the trust they got on their first year they are now continuously growing and adding more servers.

On their blog, they posted an article about it and they said “We at FrootVPN are proud to announce that we have made another vpn server available. Aside from two of our vpn servers in Europe which include, Sweden and France, we are here to officially announce that our vpn server for United Kingdom is now available. As we continue to provide our customers the best vpn service, we are also working major improvements and additional features so that we can meet and satisfy their needs when it comes to using our vpn service.” It was few months since they made their France and Canada vpn servers available and now, they are making another option for their subscribers.

They also managed to tell their subscribers that they are working for more improvements and how fast their advancement since they started their operations. FrootVPN was started operating since 2014 and we are lucky that our subscribers are supporting us with these step-by-step improvements and help us reach our goals of providing fast, better and secured vpn service!” they added.

Learn to take good care of your Internet security using FrootVPN. It will be worth the price to secure your online protection.

Check all of their social media accounts for more updates! They are on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.


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