Never post these 7 Things on Social Media

Ever since that social media networking sites has been increasing popularity, we tend to get so comfortable with it without limits. Sometimes we forget some details that need not to post online for our own safety and as well as our family. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are three of the most used social media platforms that can make us feel like no one is reading our posts with bad intentions. If you will think of your exes, stalkers and your neighbours who always try to look for something to gossip, you can be their target once they see too much personal information about you. Make sure that you protect your online identity by proper use of Internet security and online privacy.

I made a list of the seven things to stop doing online right now. If you’ve done one of these, it is the time to delete it although there is no assurance that people have forgotten about it. Always remember that once published, you can delete it but people who have read it will never forget about it especially if they are following all your personal posts.

1.Never post your phone numbers. Once you have a new phone number and you want to share it to some of your friends, never ever post it on your social media accounts. If they can’t contact you or you just want to share your new number just message them or text them. Other people don’t have to know about your private phone numbers.

2. Do not share your vacation plans or other events to attend. You’ll never know when and where these theft people are. They can be your friend on your social media accounts and just waiting for your next scheduled vacation for them to steal something in your house or do something terrifying on your properties. Never post about your schedules in your social media accounts so that you can stay safe from them. Learn to still have your Internet security and online privacy in the world of social media.

3. Don’t post names of your pets. Sometimes you can use some of your pet’s name as a security question to your online bank transactions or anything that involves security. While you’re confident to answer it honestly, then you’re in danger. You’ll never know how many hackers are in your friend lists. So stop posting anything about your pets. You can posts photos but too many details on it can create a not-so-good result.

4. Stop sharing passwords. This issue is popular with those people who are into romantic relationships that even passwords needs to be shared. If you really trust someone, don’t put yourself on risk and set a reminder to change password every now and then. He or she doesn’t needs to check everything about you. Sharing passwords is too much personal and every one of us should have something called privacy.

5. Never send sensitive information thru public WIFI. I always talk about this. Don’t just connect to public WIFI. You should get a vpn for you to stay secure and never send any sensitive information while connected on that public hotspots like emails, passwords, bank information and everything that can be stolen. If you really have to send some of your sensitive information then know the Guidelines for a Secured Public Wi-Fi Hotspot Connection.

6. Stop posting about your personal information. People don’t have to know everything about you. Do not write your full name, birth date, email address and home address. This can be the greatest mistake that you can do online. Always turn off that location option on your phone. The world doesn’t need every detail of you so do hackers and cyber criminals. Practice your Internet security and online privacy.

7. Do not settle for just one password for multiple social media accounts. Passwords can give you some pain in the head if they are all different for multiple accounts. You can get a password manager instead. If you keep creating accounts with the same password, you are making a buffet of information to those people who are interested to damage your online identity and steal something away from you or the worst is make your life miserable.

Living in the world where social media became one of a human’s necessities can give both positive and negative result. Learn on how you can get all the positive benefits of it by focusing on the proper use of social media and to be able to handle your Internet security and online privacy in a proper way.