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Over the past 10 years of my career as a programmer, UI/UX designer and project lead with custom software development company, AppIt Ventures, I have taken part in building more than 300 apps. Throughout those projects, I have worked alongside many designers, including those within our organization, from design agencies, from client teams and freelancers. …

Basics of web

For the most part, websites fall under two categories — static and dynamic. When the content displayed on a website is entirely hardcoded in the HTML, that’s called static. When the content is not hardcoded in HTML, but rather coming from a database, that’s called dynamic. Dynamic website content adjusts to reflect changes in data.

Static websites have front end code only. Dynamic websites have front end AND back end programming.

Front end code primarily controls how data is visually represented on a website, and is mostly comprised of HTML, CSS, Javascript and TypeScript languages.

Back end programming requires pulling…

using ShapeShifter

AppIt Ventures

As mobile app developers and designers, you often create apps to solve problems or get things done for your users. Your app’s UI/UX plays a very important role in creating an emotional connection with your users, so it’s crucial to design it in such a way that it makes people as happy as possible while they are interacting with your app.

Why should I care about delighting my app users ?

Nobody wants to have angry users, but apathetic users can be just as dooming for your product. …

A story never shared & listened by anyone.



I wrote this article to share various things happened in the past 6 years of my Entrepreneurial life. It wasn’t intended to teach something or inspire readers or to show my writing skills, so just relax and get bored.

“Life is a JOURNEY not a destination”

My entrepreneurial journey (life) started in


I was about to complete my graduation, one day I got a call from my close buddy’s relative, whom I had met just couple of times, he…

Meghanath Ganji

VP Engineering @AppIt Ventures - AWS Certified Solutions Architect, Android and Angular App Developer, UI/UX Expert, Tech Enthusiast & Co-Founder of Bravemount.

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