Luraco Technologies iRobotics I7
 (Our Top Pick Zero-Gravity Massage Chair Review)

Irobotics i7 chair - black

iRobotics I7 is simply the ultimate chair on the and it’s proudly designed and assembled in Dallas, Texas by Luraco Technologies. Luraco is a military contractor that decided to diversify their spectrum of products and started to make robotic chairs and other goods for health and beauty industry.

Main features of iRobotics i7:

  • Dual 3D roller with 5-level adjustable intensity and 32’’ S-track length. Intensity can be customized in neck and lower back independently. For example, if your lower back hurts and you want rollers work on the area gentler, you can set up lower strength for back and higher strength for neck. It is the first model that allows you to do that.
  • Double Foot Rollers with three-tiered airbag and heat will give a really thorough massage to your legs.
  • 100 Airbags are able firmly but smoothly massage your whole body from tips of your fingers to ends of your toes. Air massage strength can be adjusted too.
  • Adjustable Heat in Lumbar Area, Seat and Feet Area. Heat level also can be customized independently in different parts.
  • Zero Gravity helps to relief tension in lower back, evenly distribute your weight, and give your body chance to rejuvenate.
  • Body Stretching helps you to decompress your spine in a unique way. This model has two position feet stretching and body swivel with twist stretching.
  • Body-scan Technology — it will map your spine to provide with customized massage, which hit the “right” place with each movement.
  • 9 Automatic Programs to choose from.
automatic modes list
  • Memory Settings for Up to 5 Users — You can create and save your perfect session as well as other four members of your family.
  • Touch Screen Remote Control– the most user friendly remote control in the industry that looks very much as your smartphone and works on powerful OS developed by Luraco Technologies.
remote control
  • Mp3 Music System — iRobotics i7 has built in mp3 player and speakers with ultra-clean sound. You can use preloaded music or your favorite list of songs.
  • Voice Response System– right from the future, chair which can understand you in English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Korean or Vietnamese.
  • Quiet operation — it is the quietest robotic chair on market. And who wants too much noise when trying to relax.
  • Genuine leather touch points — all iRobotics7 made in genuine leather in places your body touches the recliner (Head, Arms, Shoulders, and Feet). This guarantee that it will look good for longer, as PVC leather tend to crack or discolor faster. In other chairs genuine leather usually is available as premium option and those recliners are not always in stock.
  • Ottoman Leg Length Adjustment– By extending or retraction ottoman length can accommodate person from 4’7’’ to 6’7’’ height.
  • Good Warranty and After-sale Support — Luraco Technologies offers better than most 3-year in-home labor warranty, and 5-year warranty on parts and structural frame, as well as the best customer and after-sale support. Plus it has commercial warranty, 6 months for labor and 1 year for parts, that very few chair massager manufacturers offer.
  • Additional Health Monitoring System– Because Luraco is the first registered with FDA medical chair, you have an option to add heart rate monitor and blood measuring equipment. And to see with your own eyes research proving positive effects of on heart rate and blood pressure.
  • Easy to Assemble — this Luraco chair is very easy to assemble even by the most unexpirienced customer. Though, white-glove delivery is always available.
  • Color options — available in three colors: cream, chocolate and black.

Now that you know all main features, lets briefly compare it with other chairs of the same level.

Let’s start with rollers. It has 3D rollers, the only chairs that have more advanced rollers are Osaki OS-4D JP Pro and Fujiiryoki EC-3800. As both of those Kiwami mecha 4D rollers that are 3D rollers with speed control. And you can’t control rollers speed in Luraco i7.

This Luraco model has S-track that won’t reach your thigh area completely, unlike 49’’ long L-track of Infinity Iyashi. But Luraco’s S-track is the longest S-track in the industry, so it’s still better than all other S-track models.

Another thing about it — is that it plays music from SD card. It requires you to put your favorite music on the card prior you can enjoy it. Unlike Infinity Iyashi that can connect through Bluetooth directly to your phone, and play music you have there.

Luraco iRobotics7 also requires a whole 27 inches from the wall to operate smoothly, it’s higher than most for the most chairs, not talking about Infinity Iyashi, which require only 1 inch of space.

But this is it, in all other features and parameters Luraco iRobotics 7 is an absolute winner. You won’t find another model that has so many cool and advanced features combined with quality and reliability.

And if you’re a US citizen, think that by buying US made, you support American economy and creating new jobs.

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