I need vacuum machine.

I need vacuum machine.

My bed isn’t bed. It’s just the mattress. I rents the room in this dorm since I has been started working this job on 2 years ago. First, I lived in first floor room. It was comfortable to walk to my room because it’s near the central door. But,It felt unsafe. I need to open the terrace door for fresh air but it may be anything can be came to my room easily. Maybe thief, snake, or rat. I wishes cat to meet me. But it never interested me.

So, when the 2nd floor room is available. I moved to that room. I told to dorm keeper to refuse the king size bed. It’s too big for only me. I need to have more space instead the bed. The problem is dust. There are always a lot of dust in my power lines. I try to sweep it out by a broom. But it come back in few days.

May be vacuum machine can be help me.

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