National NGO’s Endeavor to “Empower” through Education

Diffrently-abled people in the National NGO training Centre
Children in the National NGO training Centre

“Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom” said George Washington Carver.
We live in a society which is bound by many enclosures, some social, some physical, some economic whereas some that are psychological but induced by social. The repercussions of these restrictions can cost millions of lives. The only way to unlock new roads is through an open minded education for all, something that can turn these enclosures to windows.
On these lines has come up a new initiative by National NGO for social empowerment. The NGO has launched a new project called ‘Empower’ which endeavors to empower the Other of the society by the weapon of education. Under this project, the NGO has started National Training Centre for differently-abled with an aim to make them independent. As each one of us is born with the right to excellence and success, these students are helped to polish their skills so they can lead their stories to success. The training is custom fit to suit their qualifications and abilities.

The project has got off to a good start with thirty enrollments from the students of North Campus, Delhi University. They are being trained in computer skills along with being mentored about good communication and soft skills. The training aims at a more practical approach to education by enhancing the students’ productivity aiming at good placements. Besides, a new batch of visually impaired has also been enrolled which is mentored also by a visually impaired tutor. Apart from adding to their computer and soft skills, special guidance is also provided to boost their interview skills and confidence level.
Having prepared its army of students to land into good jobs, the NGO has also facilitated for the next step. They have a dedicated team which has set up a placement cell for its students. Professional counseling and workshops are also arranged for the students by the team.
Education can open many new doors leading to the pathway of freedom. Mr. Carver’s words are standing truths of eternity and the ones who realize the importance of the right education are those who make it to the zenith of success. National NGO’s endeavor shines bright in the era where even art is for art’s sake and nothing more.