Case Study for National Coding Week.

Dwayne pictured centre with Jordan Love on the left and Richard Rolfe on the right


IT Facilities & Marketing Manager

National Coding Week was established to inspire adults to learn digital skills. One such adult was Dwayne Murray. Dwayne joined a two week intensive coding bootcamp run by National Coding Week co-founders Jordan Love and Richard Rolfe . Their two week intensive course on “How to get a job in the digital sector” educated a class of individuals wanting to learn and develop their skills in order to seek and get work as designers, developers or IT technicians.

Dwayne‘s digital journey is an inspiration to others — you’re never too old to learn to code.

“How did you arrive at the point where you found the coding course?”

I’m originally from Jamaica and I arrived here in Jersey in 1991, my father married a Jersey girl and we moved to the Island to start a new life. During my late teenage years I had developed a keen interest in computers, wanting to know how they worked and how they were built. I would be constantly taking things apart, then rebuilding them. I would help and fix my friends’ computers if they broke, or would help them to modify the computers as technology constantly changed or upgraded. As time went on, I was able to turn my new passion into a job. I started to charge my friends and family for fixing their computers when they broke down.

Fast forward a few years, I met a girl and we had just given birth to new baby boy. Unfortunately he developed some serious health problems and I was forced to put my new start up business on hold to look after him full-time. I am pleased to say he is now fine and healthy! After 4 years out of work I was faced with trying and find a new job. This proved quite difficult due to being out of work for such a long period of time. Employers were reluctant to take me on and I found it a real knock to my confidence, as I had the skills, the enthusiasm, yet no opportunity. I joined the States of Jersey “Advance to Work” scheme hoping to find a course I could join. It was at this point I was made aware of the Codex Digital Development Course. Of course, I joined up immediately.

“What did you learn on the course, and what did it involve?”

It was a two week, holistic approach to the digital arena. We learnt how to write code in HTML & CSS, the basic fundamentals of design, digital marketing, social media and SEO. In fact, everything I learnt in those two weeks with Jordan and Richard, I use everyday in my current job. It was the perfect platform to start on my new career path. Even the website I designed and built during those two weeks is still live now! I’m actually thinking of developing it further in order to create a sideline business through affiliate marketing.

I went into the course with minimal understanding of coding, but Richard and Jordan were such fantastic teachers, and they explained and taught us in such a way, that it didn’t feel scary or complicated. It was delivered in a structured method so you could understand and grasp it quickly. Even though it was a basic level, in real-life situations, those snippets of information are used constantly. Not only did they teach us about digital, they encouraged confidence; having a positive mental attitude and the will to always keep learning and honing our skills — with the outcome being betterment and an ability to develop alongside the developments within the digital sector. Once the course was complete, we then had to present our selves and our work to a panel of potential employers from the digital sector.

“Where you are now, how has it empowered you?”

It was at the course presentation with my potential employers that Marcus Quinn, MD of Agent Design noticed me and my project and instantly realised my potential and the enthusiasm I have for my new skillset. I was extremely grateful that he took me on there and then, and gave me a trial 3 month full time contract. I’m pleased to say, now 5 months completed, I have recently been promoted to IT Facilities & Marketing Manager. I’m extremely grateful to Jordan and Richard for taking the time to help me, and guide me into the right career path. Having a new family to look after means that stability and job security was part of my goal and this course and subsequent work has definitely given me that. Right now I couldn’t be happier, and would recommend the course to anyone wanting to step into the digital sector. Throughout life we are constantly learning, and even as an adult you can still learn code and new digital skills to enhance or change your career. I’m now hoping to be called back to the Codex team as a course example to help and educate others wanting to do the same.

“What is your advice for other people wanting to do the same?”

Firstly, you have to want to learn — with the right attitude you can achieve anything you want in life. Even though I found myself in a situation where I was unable to work, once I did return and discovered there are options to gain experience and find work in the digital sector. I was driven to absorb everything I could. I still push myself to keep learning and with the amount of free and paid courses online such as Treehouse or Codeacademy, it’s even easier to learn code and digital skills. I was very lucky to have completed a two week course and walk straight into a job, and I thank Jordan and Richard for being awesome teachers and creating the opportunity for me to secure my future.

I highly recommend you check out Codex DLD, including their new initiative of National Coding Week in September, encouraging adults to learn code and new digital skills. I will be supporting and helping in anyway I can to try and inspire others to do the same with their own lives.

Take part in this year’s National Coding Week on 19th September 2016… where will coding take you?

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